Apply for WSP’ Graduate Development Programme

Applications close this Sunday

Apply for WSP’ graduate development programme

Applications close this Sunday

  • Work from any of our
    550 global offices

  • Learn from global experts
    in your field

  • Work on WSP’s
    future-ready projects

What if you can work anywhere in the world?

As part of working for WSP, employees can apply to work in any of our 550 offices across 40 countries.  Or work on the projects that are shaping New Zealand.

What if you can upskill with global experts?

A thriving community is the product of empowered people. Our global mentorship programme does just that by offering graduates the opportunity to accelerate their learning and career growth through tailored and self-directed mentorship options

What if you can work on global future-ready projects?

From designing infrastructure that will cope with human overpopulation, to advising governments on how we can reverse the effects of climate change, WSP is working in all areas of future-ready infrastructure, from smart mobility to smart cities.

Case study:
Work anywhere in the world

Adam Jakab, a Highway Designer at WSP Stockholm, packed up for five-weeks and worked from our Auckland Office.


Case study:
Upskill with global experts

Hayley Byun catches-up with her mentor on a monthly basis to discuss anything from personal concerns to career development and anything in between.


Case study:
Work on global future-ready projects

George Cheng, is currently working on a significant project for New Zealand’s largest transport agencies.



How do I apply for the Graduate Development Programme?
You can apply for our programme here.

When do applications close?
Applications open 4th March and close 31st March 2019.

Do I have to work in Auckland?
Not at all we have 40 offices located throughout NZ that offer awesome opportunities and experiences outside of the city.

What is the difference between the Graduate Development Programme and a Graduate Job?
A graduate development programme provides you with critical support, training and solid foundations to help you build your career.

A Graduate job is something you get after University. There is no guarantee you’ll have support and guidance available to you.

Kickstart your career with our Graduate Development Programme