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WSP Opus Graduates

Ready to break away from student life?

Sick of hitting the books and ready to take the world by storm? Here at WSP Opus, we’re all about careers that matter – careers that set you up for life. Whether you’re passionate about civil or electrical engineering, architectural or environmental, we’ve got a role for you.

  • Apply today for our Graduate Development Programme and we’ll get you on your way towards professional registration.

  • Be involved in global projects, instead of exams.

  • Earn international acclaim, instead of assignment credits.

  • Lead engineering projects instead of class debates.

Get involved, get excited!

Everyone has to start somewhere – and the best place to start is in our Graduate Development Programme, which gets you set up for an awesome and fulfilling career. We love having grads as part of the mix at WSP Opus, helping to keep us diverse, innovative, and ahead of the curve. Perks include mentoring from a senior member of staff, heaps of training and development and the chance to join our Emerging Professionals Group – the best place at WSP Opus to socialise and meet some new friends.

Do something that really matters

At WSP Opus, you’ll get to make a difference in the community – which we think is pretty amazing. Work on a whole heap of different projects, from researching ways to improve the quality of New Zealand’s drinking water, to redeveloping Scott Base in Antarctica (yup, Antarctica). Take what you’ve learned at university, pick up some real-life skills and expertise here, and you’ll get to make material, tangible improvements to the lives of New Zealanders.

Meet Akaash

“Don’t be afraid of trying different things – new challenges usually lead to new experiences, and they’re great learning opportunities.”

Find out more about Akaash

Meet India

“Two years ago, I never could have imagined some of the projects I would get to work on, and that I’d be so confident in the work that I do – considering I barely knew any of it back when I started!”

Find out more about India

Meet Carinnya

“WSP Opus’ biggest draw card was the size of the company and the scale of their projects – which meant I would have increased capacity to make an impact.”

Find out more about Carinnya

Meet Priya

“Happy employees provide better customer service – so it’s a win-win situation.”

Find out more about Priya

Meet Andrew

“I smile on my way to work every day.”

Find out more about Andrew

Meet Oliver

“Teamwork is crucial in real world engineering projects, so prepare yourself to work with a variety of different people.”

Find out more about Oliver

Get on your way to an awesome career with WSP Opus.

Apply now for our Graduate Development Programme and start making a difference.

WSP Opus Graduate programme application process

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