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Priya Thakur

Transportation Graduate (Invercargill)

Venturing out into the field – now that’s a way to liven up a day in the office!

Priya’s main role in the Invercargill office is to plan the alteration or modification of existing transportation structures to improve their safety or function, so she often gets out and about.

Priya is confident that a large variety of work is what yields the most growth for an individual – making WSP just the right place to be.

“Happy employees provide better customer service – so it’s a win-win situation.”

Priya did her research before joining WSP – she was encouraged to join the firm by our approach to employee wholeness, and our commitment to putting employees’ happiness first.

The really great part? That people here celebrate the achievements of the firm and its employees, and that everyone is willing to support one another.



Follow Priya’s day in the life of a WSP grad


Biking or walking to work makes me happier and healthier!

My commute involves a walk along the river.  I feel very lucky to live on a beautiful river which is in walking distance to the WSP office.


I'm out of the office now, checking the dimensions of one of our bridges.

WSP offers a complete range of bridge design & has unrivaled experience working with bridges in NZ. I love going out for inspections – I get to see around beautiful Southland!


Onsite now completing the traffic count summary report for a client meeting.

This is undertaken automatically by detecting passing vehicles. Metro counts offer a larger product range of traffic counters for monitoring vehicles, bikes and pedestrians.

It’s great being able to put my degree into practice!


Out for team lunch today!

I love getting to meet people from different disciplines and working with colleagues in far-flung departments. Today I’m having lunch with my team – it’s great to foster deeper work relationships and boost productivity.


Time to process overweight permit applications.

WSP processes overweight permit applications  for our clients which means understanding general mass weight limits on our roads. This is to protect our road network, if your vehicle exceeds the load limits you need to apply for an overweight permit before you travel. Maximum weight limits for vehicles are set out in the land transport rule.


Catching up with my manager for a coffee meeting!

Today were talking about industry insights and ideas for the company. My team at WSP use specific techniques to make sure everyone in the group meets the defined goals, nobody gets to slack off!


Now I've got the opportunity to work with Laurence Harrow from WSP Research.

Lawrence has 40 years’ of experience and knowledge. Today we’re looking at the forward work programme.

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My Dad used to tell me “You never regret playing sports”!

Time for a game of netball with my WSP netball team. It’s great to make new friends and win some matches. Playing with my team mates gives me self-confidence and determination. And I’ve learnt about teamwork – there really is no ‘I’ in team and success is definitely a dish best shared with others!

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