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Oliver Parris-Piper

Civil Graduate (Christchurch)

Although he only joined WSP a short while ago, Oliver’s already started making the most of the graduate programme, receiving mentoring from senior level engineers.

However, he’s also noticed just how different full-time work is from studying at university – dealing with real clients and making sure you meet deadlines puts pressure on you to perform, but it also gives you a much better understanding of the work you are doing.

Working on the redevelopment of Scott Base in Antarctica has been a real highlight, especially given the range of engineering challenges and hurdles.

“Teamwork is crucial in real world engineering projects, so prepare yourself to work with a variety of different people.”

Oliver is constantly wowed by the great atmosphere in the office. He appreciates the balance of personalities at WSP, from technical experts through to people in managerial roles.


Follow Oliver’s day in the life of a WSP grad


Got to work early this morning to go for a run around Hagley Park.

Awesome having an office so close to the park! The team recently ran the City 2 Surf Event in Christchurch together.


Pushing on with the concept design for the redevelopment of Scott Base in Antarctica.


Weekly resource meeting to discuss ongoing projects and upcoming deadlines.


Catch up with Senior Engineer Chris Johnson to get his advice on a project.

Awesome to have Chris as a mentor in the team with 51 years of infrastructure experience at Opus.



I’m in the office staffroom playing a few games of pool.


Taking a WSP vehicle out to a site this afternoon.

I’m going to do some construction monitoring for a project the team has been working on.


Helping out the Christchurch office social club.

I’m involved in organising a mountain biking event at Adventure Park during the weekend.

Here’s photo of us up the Port Hills!


Stoked to deliver a design project this afternoon!

Very satisfying ticking it off the team’s schedule planner.


End of a long day at work.

Catching up with a few workmates with a few drinks on the balcony of the top floor.

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