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Carinnya Feaunati

Architectural Graduate (Wellington)

Carinnya joined WSP from a smaller firm in June of 2016 after realising that she was keen to work on larger-scale projects.

Now, Carinnya gets to engage with experts on a daily basis, both in the projects she’s working on and in the Women in Leadership Committee. She loves having the freedom to express her creativity as a designer – even as a junior member of the team.

Carinnya knows also knows that she can reach out for some guidance from a pool of leaders who are at the pinnacle of their careers.

“WSP’ biggest draw card was the increased capacity to make an impact”

Taking pride in being able to truly make a difference with WSP, Carinnya believes that her most meaningful projects have been those where the design decisions have made a positive impact on local communities. After all, she’s a firm believer that good design (both functional and aesthetic) should be accessible to all people, not just those who can personally afford it.

Follow Carinnya’s day in the life of a WSP grad


Early morning rowing training!

My crew has a rest today but I’ve volunteered to help in the coach boat for one of our boys’ crews. This extra crisp morning is making me wonder why I’m not still in bed right now.

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It doesn't quite look like it, but it's time for Team Brief.

No, it’s not where you find out what everyone’s been doing over the weekend (although sometimes this does creep in!). This is a chance for the team to be updated on current projects, to check if anyone has too much on their plate or if anybody has been twiddling their thumbs and could take on a bit more work! Birthday celebrations are a staple here too #sharingiscaring


Training and Technical skills development is essential to our work at WSP.

We’re heading to a local Wellington steel fabrication factory! When we draw a building flashing on paper or on Revit we need to understand the form/mould and ensure what we’ve drawn will be suitable for the detail or joint. Seeing them being made is one sure way to assist.


As a member on the Emerging Professionals Committee and the Women in Leadership Committees...

I love assisting our groups to plan events to help equip our staff with development skills. We’ve events that cover Career Development Advice to Social Events. Today it’s an EPG site visit to a multi-discipline project, Wellington East Girls College.


Off to my site meeting at NZDF Trentham - safety first!

I am the Engineers Rep to the Contract, doing the contract administration and site observation for this project. This means that I run the site meetings where the client, contractor and other consultants attend and I act as the line of communication between the client and the contractor. Basically, I put out fires in the form of responding to RFIs and issuing CANs.


Back in the office to work on the concept of a church building project I'm involved in.

I’m preparing the presentation for the client meeting later in the week. In an industry that is moving very quickly into full digital media representation, I am thankful my passion for drawing and model making is still a utilised part of my job here at WSP.


Just when you thought the study had ended after a Master's degree!

We have NZIA Registration Study Group tonight. It’s great to have our Senior Architects come in each week to facilitate a session.


Flying to Auckland tonight as the WSP representative to the Sustainable Business Council Future Leaders Programme.

This opportunity came about after an invitation to present at a Women in Leadership event on my Masters Research on the role of Architecture in Sustainable Development in the Pacific. WSP have opened many doors for me in my short time here, I just had to put my hand up!

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