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Akaash Nanda

Transportation Graduate (Auckland)

Working as a transport engineer in Auckland City, Akaash spends his days trying to improve Auckland’s transport infrastructure.

He’s loved getting involved with the Emerging Professionals Group at WSP – the perfect place to get to know like-minded colleagues across the business.

In fact, it’s those people and the fantastic culture of the company that attracted him to WSP in the first place.

At WSP, Akaash has worked with inspiring people from a variety of different backgrounds.

“In engineering, what you do makes a difference in the world around you.”

Akaash has worked on impactful projects of all shapes and sizes. Taking on these new challenges, he’s diversified his ways of thinking and had the opportunity to learn and discover what he likes (something that’s pretty helpful for a new grad!).

Follow Akaash’s day in the life of a WSP grad


Driving in - flexible working hours allow me to start my day a little bit later and avoid the rush hour.

It’s very helpful for my commute as I live in the outer suburbs and I don’t end up spending all morning/evening on the motorway! This is the view from WSP Westhaven Office.


Working at my desk on a traffic modelling project to see the effects of traffic growth for key intersections.

This is a typical type of project that I get to work on – and I really enjoy!


Now for a Project Management Course.

Internal training courses are available to all WSP team members. These courses help a lot with gaining technical and management development as you grow and learn as a grad. This particular course involves interaction with other team members and learning communication skills  – as well as giving us project management experience.


Lunchtime catch-up!

The Auckland WSP office is located in Wynyard Quarter which means we have access to many great cafes to catch up with friends over lunch. Today I’m meeting a friend who works in a close by building.


Now I'm off to an Emerging Professional Committee meeting.

As a grad at WSP we get the opportunity to connect with other grads as well as other people with slightly more experience. Joining the committee has been a great experience and a really cool way to work with young professionals in different parts of the business and organising and hosting technical events.


It's great to work with different people from other disciplines.

I can work with people outside of my immediate team on multidisciplinary projects. It’s good to see how different disciplines work and how different parts of a project come together to form a final product!


Projects provide opportunities to learn from others.

Depending on the size of the project, as a grad you get the opportunity to work with directors of disciplines who have accumulated a number of years’ experience and knowledge. It helps to have someone who has done what you are currently working on for years and can offer some support when needed.


Time to head out to a WEN event.

I’ll be networking and speaking with young ‘engineers in the making’ at the University of Auckland. Events like this are great to share knowledge and learn from other engineers.

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